Blue Flower

Grill ‘n Chill is held once a month from April through September after the Monday night ride. It’s a fun time to socialize and get a quick bite to eat before heading home.  The LWA provides hot dogs, burgers,  and non-alcoholic beverages.  Members donate side dishes and desserts. You can also bring your lawn chair and your favorite beverage.

If you can’t make the Monday night ride, or you are a non-cycling spouse/partner, you can still join us! Volunteers are always needed to cook on the grill or monitor the food tables.

Some ideas for food donations include:

• Salads – vegetables, pasta, rice, quinoa                 • Mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles, sliced onions             
• Fruit – strawberries, grapes and watermelon         • Fresh veggies ready to eat                                                
• Homemade desserts - cookies, brownies,              • Baked beans                                                     .. ...anything easy to eat


• Bring donations to the food table before you ride! We have coolers available to keep everything cold.
• We provide serving utensils! If you want your container back, mark it with your name.

For more information, questions or to volunteer, contact our Grillmeister.

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