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RE: Donut Derby T-shirts and Jerseys

To riders WHO PRE-ORDERED but did not pick up their Donut Derby t-shirt and/or jersey today. Here are 4 options:
* arrange to pick up at the velodrome
* have it mailed to you, postage paid by you
* ask us to hold it until next year, if you think you will participate 2024
* consider it a donation, have it resold in 2024
Send decision to
To riders who PRE-ORDERED but did not pick up their Donut Derby t-shirt and/or jersey. Here are 4 options:
* arrange to pick up at the velodrome
* have it mailed to you, postage paid by you
* ask us to hold it until next year, if you think you will participate 2024
* consider it a donation, have it resold in 2024
Send decision to

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Tour de Fox Result Are In

Thanks to all who participated in and donated to the LWA Tour de Fox ride on August 26th to raise funds for Parkinson's research in support of our LWA members diagnosed with PD.  Here are the LWA results:

  • $1,609 raised, far surpassing our $1,000 target!
  • The LWA team finished in the top 1/3 in the nation!
  • 13 LWA members rode!

And these were the overall results:

  • 752 riders joined, 109 having PD
  • $590,000 raised and counting
  • 45 states and countries represented
  • 100 percent of proceeds go to PD research

If you missed out on the Tour de Fox and would still like like to donate to the LWA Tour de Fox team, it's not too late!  Click here.

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Thank You to Our "Adopt-a-Highway" Volunteers!

We all love riding through the beautiful countryside and the bright, clean neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area. As a cycling club, we are in a unique position to give back to our community and support these places we love to ride. 

To do this, we are participating in PennDOT’s “Adopt a Highway” program. Through this program, we can both serve the community and promote our cycling club! 

A team of volunteers has already provided two clean-ups of our designated section. And we so appreciate their time and hard work to clean up the neighborhood and beautify the area. 

Our section of road extends two miles east from the intersection of Cetronia and Trexlertown Roads at the new Sheetz store.

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Club Picnic Reminder

Hello again,

Just a reminder that the LWA Club Picnic is this Sat August 26.  Please RSVP to the picnic if you plan to attend so we know how plan.  The club is providing pulled pork, beef hot dogs with fixens, and beverages.  As usual others will bring dishes to be shared and I know there will be plenty of good things to eat.  Park regulations prohibit the consumption and posession of alcholic beverages however.  The picnic portion of the day is planned for around 12:00pm and will continue till whenever.  

There are 5 rides planned for the day as well.  The distances are 56 miles, 48 miles, 38 miles 28 miles and a rail trail ride.  If you plan to join one of these rides please check the LWA Ride Calendar Meetup for start times and leaders and RSVP for the ride you plan to do.  

The weather looks really good, the park is great, the roads are quiet back roads and are overall in great shape (it's hard to find a route in PA that doesn't have a few rough patches). I scouted the routes today and verified the GPS cues so come on out and be a part of the last LWA picnic, next year we will be the Lehigh Valley Cycling Club so it will be the first LVCC picnic.

Thanks to everyone who has stepped to help make this event a success.  The LWA is a super club.

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New Name, Renewed Purpose

This is an exciting time for the Lehigh Wheelmen Association! Not only do we have our much-loved Donut Derby coming up quickly, we also have an amazing announcement to share, as well! 

The Lehigh Wheelmen Association (aka the LWA) is officially changing its name to the Lehigh Valley Cycling Club (LVCC)!

Changing the name was a challenging decision because our club places such a high value on our history and purpose. But it’s also exciting because it helps us to renew our purpose, affirm our history and presence in the Lehigh Valley, and communicate to the community who we are and what we do.

The LWA was first established in 1951, and the term wheelmen refers to a time in history when there were mostly male riders on high-wheeled bicycles, like the penny farthing. Our bikes have changed greatly since then and so have the riders, as we have a well-balanced representation of genders in our club. 

Our new name reflects our purpose and will help the community find – and join – our ranks. 

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For Sale - Cannondal Super Six


Cannondale Super-Six for sale. Anyone interested is welcome to reach out for questions and to see the bike. Here's some basic information:

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Reminder: Annual Club Picnic

Hello LWA members and friends,

The annual LWA Club Picnic is now only a week away (8/26).  The details for the picnic are on the LWA Ride Calendar Meetup (

If you plan to attend please remember to RSVP for the picnic.  Also on the Meetup calendar are postings for the various ride distances.  If you plan to ride,  please RSVP to the posting for the distance you plan to do so the leader knows who to expect.

There is a SignUpGenius link on the Meetup site that lists the various opportunities to help out with the picnic.  Thanks to the many members who have stepped up already.  However, there are still several slots that we need help with.  These include

Setup:  The food, drinks and utensils etc. don't all put themselves out on the tables.  Setting up really isn't much work and all we need are a few people to get things organized in the pavillion before the riders get back.  If we get a few people by 11:00 that would be super.  This is a great way for non-riders to participate and help out.  It won't take long.

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Share the Road

Cycling safety is high on my list of priorities. Maybe it’s because I know that at the end of the ride, I still need to go home and care for my precious kids whether or not I have a broken collarbone. Maybe it’s because I don’t like pain – road rash hurts! And perhaps it’s just because I don’t like paying for hospital bills and bike repairs. Regardless, I’m always looking for ways to stay safe – and help others be safe – when cycling so I can get home in the same shape I left. 

Don’t you love seeing all the yellow “share the road” signs… and I love that people are actively working to keep cyclists safer on the road. No one wants to be the victim of carelessness or road rage, and lobbying for better infrastructure, more signs, and more awareness is a great thing. We need it! 

But I like to think of those yellow signs as reminders to cyclists, too! It goes both ways – cyclists need to share the road with cars and trucks. And while that doesn’t mean we are relegated to riding on the shoulder, there are some things we can do to keep ourselves, our fellow cyclists, and the rest of the traffic safer when we ride. 

Here are a few tips we can incorporate in any group ride: 

  1. Ride two abreast. A short line of two cyclists is much easier to pass than a long, single line. Most of the time, it’s safer to ride two across as long as you are close to each other- but try to stay in the right 1/3 of the car lane. Filling the entire lane makes it too hard for cars and even other cyclists to pass you. 
  1. Don’t cross the yellow line. If you’ve ever ridden with me, you probably know this is one of my pet peeves! Don’t ride on the yellow line. First of all, the paint can be slippery and cause you to fall. But second of all, you are dangerously close to oncoming traffic who might not have time to get out of your way. A head on collision with a car will not end well for anyone. 
  1. Ride predictably. Ride smoothly and at an even pace – don’t sprint ahead only to slam on your breaks. Keep a smooth and consistent speed, and make sure you hold your line, especially when cornering. Keep it straight and steady. Avoid zigzagging, slamming on your brakes, letting go of the handlebars, or anything else that can be surprising to the person behind you. 
  1. Use hand signals. It’s as simple as pointing in the direction you are going to go. It lets your fellow cyclists – and traffic – know what to expect from you. 
  1. Call out or point out road hazards. Always warn your fellow cyclists if there are potholes, speedbumps, roadkill, or anything else that can pose a risk to bicyclists. And make your intentions clear. Let them and the traffic behind you know if you have to go around it. 
  1. Be visible. Wear bright colors and remember that traffic can’t see you as well as you can see them. Use lights at night but don’t blind the traffic coming towards you. If you are making a left turn across traffic, keep aware that the traffic in the other direction might not see you so you give yourself extra space. 
  1. Make eye contact. People in cars don’t always make the connection that cyclists are people, too. Make eye contact, smile, and wave when you can. It might make someone’s day, but they’re more likely to see you when you make good eye contact. 
  1. Be polite. If you hear a car, try to get over and give them room to pass. Don’t be obnoxious just because you can. 
  1. Follow traffic rules. I hear a lot of non-cyclist drivers complain because cyclists don’t follow the traffic rules. They make a good point! Be smart and obey traffic rules. Besides, you could get a ticket if you don’t. 
  1. Keep your bike maintained. Bike issues can cause accidents, and you can minimize crashes and falls by keeping your bike in good shape. And always make sure your tires have air and your skewers are properly tightened on every ride. 
  1. Don’t do stupid things. Don’t take stupid chances in traffic. Don’t dart out in front of a car. Be mindful of vehicles parked on the side of the road. There’s just no reason good enough to take a dumb chance and risk a ride in the ambulance instead of home on your bike. If you really want to race, don’t do it in a group ride – come out and try the track or give it a go at the Thursday Night Rodale Crit. 

Most people aren’t out to get cyclists, but they may be in a rush, they may be tired, stressed, or simply not paying close attention. But a little extra attention on our part to how we ride can help keep us all safer. 

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Tour de Fox and Club Picnic

Join other LWA members in joining the Tour de Fox Ride for better Parkinson's treatments.  Most of you know members of the club who suffer from this horrible disiease and this is a great way to show our support.  The "ride" is the same day as our picnic but you don't have to come to the picnic to join.  Just go to the LWA site: .  

And remember to put the club picnic on your calendar.  It's Saturday, Aug 26th with multiple rides scheduled and great food afterward.  See you there.  Sign up on Meetup:

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Bicycles wanted.

LWA members and cycling friends,

September marks the start-up of fall classes at Community Bike Works, and bikes are always needed.  If you have an unused childs or adult bicycle in any condition and are willing to donate it, please contact Jack Helffrich at 484-347-3541 to arrange for pick-up or delivery.  

Alternatively, you can deliver to:  Community Bike Works  235 N. Madison St.  Allentown PA 18102

More info about CBW and the work they do at:

Thanks.  Jack Helffrich

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Document Review - Lehigh Valley Cycling Club

Attention All Members,

As you know, the Club is proceeding with implementing a change of our club name to become the "Lehigh Valley Cycling Club".

Next step in the process is for a vote to be taken at the next Club Meeting (August 23rd, 2023) for both the Resolution and associated updates to the Constitution/By-Laws.  So you can make an informed decision, please review the updated documents, which can be found at the following links:


Constitution/By-Law Update

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Donut Derby Raffle

Hello Club members! There is still time to donate raffle prizes for our 2023 Donut Derby 🍩🍩🍩, which is just one month away!  Gift baskets, cycling related goods, or anything else is welcome.  We're not picky. 

Please contact Kath Crampton at 484-357-0261 or  if you'd like to supply something or have any questions. If you have already offered, now is the time to get your items to me.

Thank you,

Kathy Crampton, DD Raffle Chairperson

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July and August Club Meetings

I have set up two club business meetings to formally accept the resolution to change the name of the club to Lehigh Valley Cycling Club and accept the subsequent changes in the bylaws.  At the July meeting, the

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Tour de Fox

In conjuction with our LWA Picnic on August 26th, Wheelmen members will be participating in our first Michael J. Fox Foundation's Virtual Tour de Fox Ride to raise funds for better Parkinson's treatments.  Any of the posted

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Club Picnic 2023

Hello LWA  members and interested cyclists.

The annual LWA Club Picnic is scheduled for Saturday August 26.  This year the location is Upper Saucon  Township Community Park. The event is posted on the LWA Meetup page.  This event is for club members and their guests. (Not a member? To join the club click here:

As always there will be various routes available for all levels and interests (including a family friendly ride on the Saucon Rail Trail) followed by social time and of course plenty of food and beverages (drinking and/or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by park rules).

The club needs some members to help with pre-picnic and day of tasks, and to serve as ride leaders.  Several positions are especially important to make this event happen.  These include buying food, transporting the boxes of serving staples to and from the velodrome barn, serving as grill master and cleaning up after the event.  

Here is a link to a SignUp Genius where you can volunteer to help out. Please tak a look and consider volunteering. (Thanks to Jack for setting this up.)

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Trunk Mount Bike Rack

23CAE335-781E-4728Y Yakima rack

Free to LWA member.  Yakima two-bike rack for trunk mounting.

Text Jack at 484-347-3541 to arrange for pick-up. 

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Adopt-a-Highway : Part 2

"THANK YOU" to the following members of the Lehigh Valley Cycling Club who took part in this month's

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For Sale: Cervelo T4 Track Bike

Beautiful track bike for sale!  This is a Cervelo T4, size 51 cm track bike.  It has a 155mm Rotor Crankset.

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Lehigh Valley Cycling Club

The members have spoken and the new name for the club will be Lehigh Valley Cycling Club (LVCC).   The final tally was 57 to 34 in favor of cycling over bicycle in the name.  I was very happy to see so many club members voting and caring about the future of the club.

The name will not be official until the end of the year but we will start advertising the change to the public.  If people ask why the change, consider the following in your response:  After 70 years, it is time to give the club a bit of a facelift.  "Wheelman" is a very old (1800s) name for a bicyclist, but it is not really used today.  We want to project that we are a friendly, social club where people with a mutual interest in cycling can have the opportunity to ride together.  We aim to service the Lehigh Valley and all forms of cycling.  

It's good to see the number and different levels of rides in the club giving opportunity to everyone to get out and ride.  Hope everyone is enjoying the good weather and getting out there.  

Another note:  There will be no club meetings over the summer since most would rather be out riding and we have the Grill and Chills to get together.  The board will be meeting and if there are any concerns people have, send a general email to the club or to me directly at


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Donut Derby Volunteers Needed

LWA members,

Planning is under way for this year's edition of the LWA Donut Derby, scheduled for Labor Day, September 4, 2023.  Chuck Canfield and his team have been meeting regularly to organize this activity, but they need the assistance of the entire club on the day of the event.  This is always a fun activity for the volunteers as well as the participants, so sign up now to help.  Volunteer some of your time by joining one of the activities listed in the link below. Thanks in advance for your support.

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Our 2023 Flagship Events


LWA Eastern Shore Weekend 2023

Rides Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 5-7


Donut Derby 

 The Donut Derby for 2023 is on for Labor Day, September 4th, 2023

Registration opens May 15th!




LWA Apparel

 image001 1

The LWA clothing store is currently closed.  It will re-open periodically.  Club members will be emailed when this happens.