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Co-leading rides and other thoughts

Hello LWA Members,

This is my first post and I want to share 2 thoughts:  First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Dave Drummer and Jim Fullerton for developing and advocating this LWA Blog process.  It took me a while to sign up and I suspect it will take some time to get traction, but I think it will be a very valuable way for us to communicate.


Second, I want to share a very positive experience I had on a LWA ride yesterday.  I posted a 34 mile from T Town Dryville via Deka Road by Weavers Hardware.  A few days before the ride, Donna Knight contacted me and asked if she could co-lead a second group at a slightly slower pace and I agreed and we updated the Meetup.

At the start of the ride we had 32 riders.  Donna and I announced the 2 groups and we had a very orderly self selection by attendees into 2 relatively equal halves for the ride.  My slightly faster paced group stayed together and we had a great ride with everyone adhering to our safety guidelines and Donna tells me she experienced the same with her group.

I think co-leading rides as Donna and I did is a great way for us to include a large group of LWA members in a ride.  THANK YOU, Donna, for asking to co-lead this ride.  I offer anyone the opportunity to contact me to co-lead one of my posted LWA rides on Meetup.  I look forward to seeing all of you on many LWA rides this year.


NOTE:  Daylight savings time is in 2 weeks!!!

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