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March Message from our President

Welcome New and Renewing Members - 

Sunday is the day, "Daylight Saving Time" rides will be starting later in the day for those of us who have the four letter word going on, "work" - for some members, rides may not have stopped during the winter months, for others, it may be our first rides of the season.  Thank you to our ride leaders for posting rides through the winter months: Bert, Carl, Dave, Dick, Frieder, Jack, John Munsch (our ride leader of 2019), Rich F, Richard, Tom D, and Torie.  Again without "YOU", there is no "US". Thank you Ride Leaders. 


If you were not able to attend the club meeting on the 26th of February you missed an awesome speaker, Geoff Brunner.  On June 16th, Geoff will be riding across America to his fourth completion of RAAM (Race Across America). Geoff is a 9 year member of LWA.  Goeff has crossed US five times on a bike. The race must be completed in 12 days, which Geoff sleeps about 2.5 hours a day!  So next time you are on the roads, and you are struggling to complete a two hour ride, think of Geoff.  Geoff rides with the A/B rides, when you see Geoff, give him a high five of encouragement in obtaining his 4th finish.  Live tracking is available at - LWA wishes Geoff his best ride ever!  

LWA Annual Ride leaders meeting will be held next Saturday, March 14th, 10 am @ Asbury Church, Room 217.  This meeting is for all members, whom are current ride leaders or future ride leaders. Kathy Crampton, VP Touring will be presenting "What it takes to be a Ride Leader"...btw the answer is "YOU" - Kathy and other LWA leaders will cover ride leader responsibilities, safety, review LWA insurance, and review Ride with GPS.  LWA will provide a Pizza lunch following the meeting and group rides starting 12:30pm. (check out Meetup) 

Looking to buy a new bike and/or accessories, check out our bike shop discounts listed on the LWA site.  Perkomien Bikes is the only shop offering a 5% discount on bikes, (including Ebikes); all other shops listed will offer 10% off parts and accessories.  Shops may ask for proof of membership, since we no longer hand out membership cards, I'd suggest logging into - thank you to our LWA Bikeshop Scout, Kathy Z for providing this update. Happy Shopping! 

LWA Meetup ride calendar has many rides listed, as always ride safe!

See you on the roads,

Roberta Kates
LWA President
Ride to Crystal Cave
Co-leading rides and other thoughts

Our 2023 Flagship Events


LWA Eastern Shore Weekend 2023

Rides Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 5-7



Donut Derby 

 The Donut Derby for 2023 is on for Labor Day, September 4th, 2023

Details coming soon!




LWA Apparel

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The LWA clothing store is currently closed.  It will re-open periodically.  Club members will be emailed when this happens.