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In the Fall of 2019, we decided to no longer create the LWA Newsletter known as “Quick Release.”

We made this decision based on our ability to use a more modern communication tool, which is our LWA News/Blog located on our LWA website at: https://lehighwheelmen.org/index.php/latest-news

Since the beginning of our 2021 season, we have posted 34 New/Blogs to this site, which generates notification emails to everyone who has “subscribed.”

As the year has proceeded, I have been asked about “what’s new” with LWA and I refer to these many News/Blog posts that I and others have entered.

I also recently learned from Dave Drummer, our Website Manager, that a relatively low number of LWA members have subscribed to the LWA/Blog notification emails.

Because of this low subscription rate, Dave and I decided to try something new and load all members emails to the News/Blog notification system, so you should have received an email today like below.

We hope that you find these notifications helpful so that you will be reminded to check out the News/Blog posts so that you will be up to date on “what’s new” with the LWA.


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