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Get to know the new Ride Leaders, part 2 ~~ Karl Peters and Denny Snyder

Here is continuation of our series to let you know about our newest LWA Ride Leaders.

The LWA has had nine members become Ride Leaders since the Spring. You may have already met some of them on a recent ride. All have filled out a questionnaire as part of the process, and here we share some of their answers (some edited) with our cyclists.

Meet.... Karl Peters:

This is the start of my 3rd season of road riding, having been a rail trail rider for many years. From Bethlehem, I usually drive to the velodrome and ride from there. I have been on many LWA and FC rides and learned to love the roads from Ttown to Kempton. I still ride trails occasionally, but now it is mostly roads. Last year I rode 3500 miles.

I have enjoyed many group rides and would like to share that with other riders and hopefully find some new riders. Some of it is a ‘giving back’ mindset as there seems to be a need.

I have basic mechanical skills and am actively learning my Garmin Edge 530! While now expired, I have been CPR certified and worked Ski Patrol for many years at Camelback. I would feel confident dealing with any situation.

Next up....Denny Snyder:

I have been a member of the Wheelmen since 2004.....have attended 5 (pre-covid) March ride leader meetings. I have led rides in the past but probably 10 years ago.

I am certified in CPR and I have knowledge of GPS because I use a Garmin on all of the rides. I've also had basic first aid as a former high school coach.

I have done 13 PPRAC rides, over 100 centuries, 33 multi-day bike events so I have experience "behind the wheel."

Welcome to the Ride Leader Team, Karl and Denny!

Get to Know the new Ride Leaders, part 3 ~~ Andy S...
Get to know the new Ride Leaders -- Kathie Zapotok...

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