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Ever Dream of Trying, Riding or Racing a Track Bike?...LWA Members, it's time!!!

Ok, so you like to ride, but don't see yourself as a "track star" or maybe you do?

LWA Members, VPCC have riding options for you!

Try, Ride, Race the Track new for 2023 is thereimagination of VPCC tried and true Try the Track program. Why mess with greatness? Well, it’s time to step it up a notch to fully expand the program to include more learning, more riding, and more racing.VPCC new program is increased to six hours of track cycling education, which will promote safer riding for our structured training sessions and safer racing for our racing sessions. Participants can choose 1, 2, or 3 sessions, but each session will serve as a prerequisite for the subsequent session. Participants must be 9 years old and up.


Are you new to the track? You haven’t taken a spin around VPCC concrete crater yet? Well this is your opportunity. All you need is a moderate sense of balance and your own helmet. That’s all it takes. It’s just like riding a bike. 😉 

You'll start off with the basics and answer all of your questions about our velodrome and velodrome riding and racing. Soon you’ll be riding one of our track bikes at your own pace on a smooth and flat surface. As you build confidence, you can ride on our track surface where you will feel how easy and exhilarating it is to ride on the banking. No worries about slipping off like a slippery wooden track, our concrete is sticky and many riders have demonstrated that they can come to a full stop even on the steepest part of the track. Don’t worry, we won’t try that skill until a later session. 

Try the Track includes a $40 VPCC Rider Membership, which provides access to some of VPCC other programs. There is no minimum for the number of riders for this class to be held. (Contact Roberta Kates for a LWA Member discount code, only paid up members are eligible to use the discount code) 


After giving our track a “Try”, it’s time to take it to the next level and learn to ride in groups and build up a bit of speed. From pacelines in the sprinters lane up to riding at the rail, we have an energetic plan of exercises which includes rider favorites such as island hoppers, thread the needle, and a couple sprints to get your heart really pumping. Ride the Track counts as the first 2 hours of USA Cycling Approved Clinic for upgrade from Novice to Category 4. A minimum of 6 riders is required for the class to be held.


Now that you are comfortable riding on the track and riding with others, it’s now time to learn how to race on the track. Unlike road events, track racing offers many different types of events and its own unique set of rules. During this session, participants will get firsthand experience doing standing starts, sprints, and mass start races. Race the Track counts as the second two hours of a USA Cycling Approved Clinic for upgrade from Novice to category 4. Upon completion of this course the VPCC Community Programs Manager will recommend the upgrade to USA Cycling. A minimum of 6 riders is required for the class to be held.

Does this sound like a dream come true? Register at 

If you have any questions, or concerns, please reach out to Roberta Kates

See you on the track, 

Roberta Kates

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Donut Derby 

 The Donut Derby for 2023 is on for Labor Day, September 4th, 2023

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