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Cycling 2020

It has been an interesting year to be the Lehigh Wheelmen Touring VP…An interesting year in general! 

We are well into Fall, and I wish to thank many of our outstanding Ride Leaders. We have some who have chosen to sit out the season in light of Covid concerns. Others have taken on the task with the LWA mitigation guidelines in full effect.


Thank you also to our riders! Your patience as we learned how to deal with a pandemic did not go unnoticed. It was a challenge in the beginning, but your Board Members found suitable solutions in an effort to keep us safe.

As of Oct 1, with ride sheets still arriving and data being updated, below are the Ride Totals over the shortened season thus far. So very appreciated!

Only rides with sheets submitted are tallied. So please continue to submit your ride leader sheets, either in the file on the door to our storage in the barn at the Velo, or scan and email to 

It’s been great to see so many out on the road ~~ whether with Meetup groups, with close friends, or solo.

Enjoy our beautiful Fall weather.

Hope to see you out there.

Kathy Crampton, LWA VP Touring

RIDE LEADER                YTD                                RIDE LEADER                YTD
Tom Donnelly                    41                                Carl Zvanut                      6
Rich Ferrera                      24                                Craig Lambert                  5
Cathy Stevenson              21                                Jack Helffrich                   5
Dave Sprigle                     17                                Tammy Doran                   4
John Munsch                    17                                Kathy Crampton               3
Ken Kilareski                     16                                Peter Hepler                     3
Donalee Frary                   15                                 Richard Baldock              3
Cath. Pleickhardt              12                                 Lisa Munsch                    3
Torie Loven                       12                                 Frieder di Biasi                 2
Dick McCreight                 11                                 Bruce Kantor                   1
Lenni Maguire                   11                                 Keith Brilhart                    1            
Dave Sheffield                   10                                 Mike Solliday                   1
Fritz Walker                       10                                 Ross Kohler                     1
Bert Mukkalainen               8                                  Paul Hartley                     1
Dave Drummer                   7                                 Susie Molnar                    1
Mark Doran                        7

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