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Club Updates and Opportunities

I know many of you are thinking - Hey, this is a great club and what more can I do for it?  Well, opportunities abound.  The fun part of any cllub is being involved.  Here are some opportunites:

Become a ride leader - I hear comments about a lack of rides in certain areas or few rides on Sundays, etc.  You can solve this by becoming a ride leader and sharing your favorite rouites with others.  Its easy and a great way to meet new riders and friends.  If interested, come to the ride leaders meeting this Saturday to find out what its all about and talk to other leaders to get their thoughts and why they do it.

Marketing - For some reason this club seems to have a high level of techies but few who feel they can really get our message out to the community.  As we look at a name change to refresh our image in the community and as we work to draw in more members it would be great to have someone to help get the message out.  Any interest, contact or come to one of our monthly meetings.  

Donut Derby Volunteering - This is our premier event and working at it can be as much fun as riding.  And less tiring!  There are lots of opporunities to help.  If interested, sign up opportunites will be circulating shortly.

For more, come to our next general meeting on April 26th (


Wanted: Donut Derby Raffle Prizes
Upcoming Club Events

Our 2023 Flagship Events


LWA Eastern Shore Weekend 2023

Rides Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 5-7


Donut Derby 

 The Donut Derby for 2023 is on for Labor Day, September 4th, 2023

Registration opens May 15th!




LWA Apparel

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The LWA clothing store is currently closed.  It will re-open periodically.  Club members will be emailed when this happens.