2021 Donut Derby & Munchkin Mile

Note: Donut Derby Slide show coming soon!

We had a FANTASTIC 2021 Donut Derby & Munchkin Mile on Labor Day!

The weather was perfect, and both the Donut Derby and Munchkin Mile were very well attended and there were no calls for SAG support.

A big thanks goes to Bert Mukkulainen, our LWA leader of this year's events, and his entire committee listed below.

2021 Donut Derby & Munchkin Mile Committee:

  • Bert Mukkulainen
  • Bruce Kantor
  • Dave Sheffield
  • Dick McCreight
  • Jack Helffrich
  • Carl Zvanut
  • Lisa Schwartz
  • Rob Smith
  • Mike Solliday
  • Roberta Kates
  • Andy Vivian
  • Kathy Crampton
  • Rich Ferrera


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